November 7–8 2018, Hotel Hilton Sofia
November 7th, Wednesday
Conducting UX research on a limited budget
Eric Reiss: Partner at FatDUX

The truth is, every project needs some degree of research – we need to verify that the “what” is accurate and will truly fulfil the “why” behind the project. Without good-quality research, every project will fail. And that is a fact. Happily, there are ways to get the information you need even when the client doesn't see this need. But…

We all know the situation: Our client tells us they have a clear idea of what they want us to accomplish. The budget is tight, as is the deadline. There is little or nothing in the budget for research or a “discovery phase.” Yet unless we understand the “why” behind the project, we will rarely find the right “how” so our client gets the results they want. Moreover, when we learn what is really going on, the client's definition of “what” may not actually solve the problems at hand. Yet if we do exactly what we have been told and the project fails, we will be blamed for its failure. This workshop will give you a dramatically improved chance for success – and introduce you to some techniques and tools that you won't find in any of the published literature!

In just a few hours, Eric will show you how to:
  • improve the efficiency of your desk research
  • conduct more effective user and stakeholder interviews
  • realistically interpret customer-satisfaction surveys
  • carry out simple ethnographic surveys
  • find secret resources within the client company
  • cheat your way to the resources you need

Throughout the workshop, Eric will also share some eye-opening “war stories” based on his many years of experience in marketing, service design, and UX. You won't want to miss this.

Note: there will be a simple homework assignment prior to the workshop which participants will receive about a week before the event.